I live in Oklahoma Shitty, Oklahoma; land of the southern baptists. I have a rabbit named Fidget, a Bronco II named Maliki, and a Rickenbacker 330 named Baby. I listen to songs that tell stories. A shrink told me once that I was the angriest person she'd ever met. I cuss. I smoke cigarettes. I dip occasionally.The Hulk is cool and so is Star Wars. Grammar is a big deal, it speaks volumes about a person's character. I like guns, girls, and violence. I hate video games. Television pisses me off, (however I'm an avid Seinfeld watcher). I'm a hypocrite and I've lied before. I have little to no patience. I have terrible road rage. If you know me and I've thrown a slushie at your car, I'm not sorry, you probably were driving like a jackass. Have a day.